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About Val Kappa

Val Kappa is a stand-up comic and visual artist who started out in the Boston comedy scene while attending Emerson College then moved to New York and honed her skills even more there.

She caught the comedy bug in high school when she and her fellow drama club members/castmates were the state drama champs in Massachusetts with their production of "The Stinky Cheese Man". Val was also voted "Class Comedian" by her classmates.

She has toured/headlined nationally at colleges and performed at comedy clubs, theaters and rock clubs all over. She has appeared on Comedy Central's "Premium Blend" and was the voice of Clarice/Lil Mama on the cult cartoon "Home Movies".

In 2013 Val did her 1st solo art exhibition called Ridonkadonkdonk(Val Kappa's Art Show) at The UnchARTed Gallery in Lowell, MA. The show consisted of 26 of her original acrylic paintings and ran through the month of December. Val did a comedy show/party for the opening. The success of the show led her to start her own business called "Val Kappa Art".

In 2018 Val produced her first live comedy show "The Sleepy Time Comedy Show" at The Riot Theater in Roslindale, MA.  The show was a critic's pick in The Boston Globe. Val drew pictures of all of the comedians on the show to help promote it.

She often opens for Tig Notaro and has also opened for Jen Kirkman and Gary Gulman.

Val's comedy consists of observational humor mixed with snippets of her life.

She currently lives in Saugus, MA with her partner and 2 cats.

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